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Should I get allergy tested?

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If you or your child suffer from allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion, itching, sneezing, frequent sinus infections, skin rashes or eczema, or a history of food allergy, getting allergy tested can help you in ways that can improve your life. Allergy testing can be done through the skin or through blood work.

For nasal allergy sufferers, identifying your environmental allergies allows for simple avoidance measures to reduce your symptoms. If you still have symptoms after doing your best to avoid what you are allergic to, we would consider medications and/or immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a more natural way of treating allergies and helps many people reduce the amount of medication they need. Importantly, if you get tested and find out that you are not allergic, your doctor will then know to keep searching for other possible reasons for your symptoms, such as chronic sinus infections.

For food allergy sufferers, testing will confirm whether you have a food allergy, and track whether you might lose the allergy. It is vital to confirm food allergies so that you can appropriately plan for any accidental reactions by having an EpiPen. For many children and adults, this is life-saving! On the bright side, children may lose certain food allergies, so it is important to monitor regularly to find out if they can now safely eat that food. Many adults avoid foods that they were previously allergic to as a child, not realizing that they are no longer allergic and could be enjoying those very foods!

Make an appointment with one of our doctors to determine if allergy testing might help you. 610.415.1100

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FULLY VACCINATED individuals may schedule an appointment here.

We are not scheduling COVID-19 Vaccine appointments.