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New Hope for Chronic Sinus Sufferers


Sinusitis is among the most common diagnoses for those who visit their physician complaining of coughing, sinus pressure, congestion, postnasal drainage and headaches. One in eight adults suffers from sinusitis today. Often, patients misdiagnose themselves as simply suffering from seasonal allergies or a persistent cold. While medications such as nasal sprays, antibiotics and antihistamines can provide temporary relief, many times they do not solve the problem and a surgical procedure may be required.

The good news is that ENT & Allergy Specialists now offers a breakthrough treatment called the PROPEL® Sinus Stent.  This dissolvable stent is placed at the end of sinus surgery to keep the sinuses open, eliminating the need for gauze packing used in older surgical techniques.

PROPEL® delivers anti-inflammatory medication directly to the healing tissue and is clinically proven to improve surgical outcomes and enhance healing by reducing post-operative scarring and the need for additional surgical procedures and oral steroids and their potential side effects. The stent’s lightweight design means patients usually cannot even tell that it is there.  And since PROPEL® dissolves within 45 days, no removal is necessary.

The PROPEL® Stent improves patient sinus surgery outcomes and the healing process, plus patients hardly know it is there.

How it works:

The PROPEL® Stent is carefully inserted by an experienced Ear, Nose and Throat physician into the sinus cavity at the end of surgery. The stent remains there for a few weeks, utilizing a spring-like mechanism to open up the nasal passageway. At the same time, it provides anti-inflammatory therapy to enhance healing. The stent slowly dissolves on its own, and no removal is necessary, making postoperative care easier on patients.


PROPEL® has been studied in three prospective, randomized clinical trials conducted in the United States demonstrating reduced scarring and reduced need for oral steroids.


When a patient’s chronic sinusitis does not respond to medications, surgery to enlarge the opening to drain the sinuses may provide the best option. The PROPEL® Sinus Stent offers a new weapon in the fight against chronic sinusitis, backed by clinical data and positive outcomes.

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