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Updated 4-7-2020

Food Allergy Awareness at ENT and Allergy Specialists

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Although some food allergies can be minor, others can be life threatening.  The incidence of food allergy in children has risen dramatically and this October we're helping to educate everyone by participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project. Stop by our office and pick up a sign to let families know that you are offering non-food treats this Halloween! Try offering 2 bowls of treats this year - 1 with candy and 1 with non-food treats. Stay safe and have fun!

Dr. Carol Actor is a proud supporter of the Teal Pumpkin Project!

Paul Swanson, MD showing off his Teal Pumpkin


Nicole Podjed, PA-C looks good in teal!


According to FARE, and Dr. Cramer agrees, "Teal is the new orange!"


Rachael Rowley McQuillan, CRNP proudly displaying her teal pumpkin.
T= Teaching       E= Everything      A= About      L= Loving kids       with  Food Allergies and restrictions.

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