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Do you have problems swallowing pills or other food items?

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Swallowing Pills with Water

What is Dysphagia?

Dysphagia, also known as swallowing dysfunction, is a relatively common medical complaint.  Problems vary from mild globus sensation, or a feeling of a “lump in the throat”, to the sensation of labored or difficulty swallowing and can vary in severity.  Severe dysphagia can result from severe obstruction of the esophagus or poor coordination of the muscles involved in swallowing.  Severe dysphagia can be associated with aspiration into the airway as well which is dangerous.

Difficulty Swallowing Pills?

A common initial patient complaint involves difficulty swallowing pills.  Although the vast majority of patients with this complaint have normal swallowing function and no other swallowing complaints, it can be the first sign of a more serious swallowing issue.  A recent article explored strategies on how to improve swallowing pills, including simple techniques such as increasing lubrication by drinking enough liquids, leaning forward and pill position on the tongue. Persistent or worsening swallowing dysfunction always warrants a medical evaluation.

Dysphagia Treatment

If you or a loved one has any concerns about your ability to swallow well, make an appointment with one of our doctors to schedule an evaluation today! 610-415-1100. Click here for  additional information.




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