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COVID-19 Vaccine Safety

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getting Covid19 Vaccine

As part of our commitment to keeping you safe and informed, we want to take this time to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine and the reports about anaphylaxis following the injection.

  • There is limited data about the reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine, however, we know that allergic reactions to vaccines, in general, are rare.
  • Although anaphylactic reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine is gaining attention, the number of patients affected is extremely small.
  • According to the CDC, individuals with a history of food, pet, insect, venom, environmental, or latex allergies are able to proceed with vaccination.
  • Individuals with a history of a severe allergic reaction (i.e. anaphylaxis) to any injectable medication should use caution when receiving the vaccine, and follow a 30-minute observation period if vaccinated. Please call us if you have any concerns.
  • You may experience some side effects (pain and swelling at the injection site, fever, chills, tiredness, headache) after you receive the COVID-19 vaccine as your body starts to build immunity, however, they should go away in a few days.
  • Most COVID-19 vaccines will require 2 doses in order to be effective.
  • We all anticipate getting the COVID-19 vaccine ASAP, and hope to offer it to our patients when it’s available.

As always, we understand your concerns and are here to answer any of your questions. Please remember to wear a mask (should cover both mouth and nose) when around others, practice social distancing (6ft. apart), avoid crowds and large gatherings, and wash your hands often.

Cheers to a Healthy and Happy New Year!

We are not scheduling COVID-19 Vaccine appointments.