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As a parent, you can trust ENT and Allergy Specialists to help your child get relief from ear, nose, throat, and allergy conditions. The doctors understand that children aren't small adults; they have unique physical and emotional needs. With four locations in Pennsylvania -- Bryn Mawr, Pottstown, Phoenixville, and East Norriton -- you can conveniently schedule an appointment by calling or booking online to help your child find relief while feeling safe and comfortable.

Pediatric ENT Q & A

What are Some Common Pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat Issues?

Children can experience a range of ear, nose, and throat (ENT) issues. Common ailments include:


Children may also experience issues with nasal fractures, a deviated septum, ringing in the ears, vertigo, or obstructive sleep apnea.

When Should I Suspect My Child Has An Allergy?

Environmental and food allergies can cause various symptoms in children ranging from mild to severe. If your child frequently coughs, wheezes, or sneezes even when there is no sign of a cold, allergies could be the cause.

Allergies can also lead to a runny nose, itchy eyes, and skin irritations like rashes or hives. Some children with food allergies may complain of stomach aches, cramps, or nausea.

How Do I Know if My Child Has Asthma?

Asthma in children can result from an allergic reaction, or from a cold or respiratory infection. The lungs and airways become irritated or clogged, resulting in coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing.

How are Pediatric ENT Issues Treated?

ENT and Allergy Specialists offers a full range of allergy and asthma tests and treatments, including sublingual immunotherapy. Sublingual immunotherapy is an oral allergy treatment that doesn’t involve any shots. In fact, the ENT and Allergy Specialists team are innovators in this field who have conducted FDA sublingual immunotherapy studies.

Testing and treatments for hearing loss are available, including hearing aids and Cochlear implants. The ENT and Allergy Specialists doctors are uniquely qualified experts in testing and correcting hearing issues of all types, as they were responsible for pioneering newborn hearing screening programs in the state of Pennsylvania.

If your child has chronic ear infections, the doctors might recommend myringotomy, a procedure that relieves inner ear fluid buildup. A small eardrum incision allows for drainage via small tubes.

Myringoplasty is a surgery that repairs eardrum holes or tears. It’s performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon takes a small piece of tissue from the skin in front of the ear and “patches” the eardrum with it.

Powered intracapsular tonsillectomies are also available. This procedure can treat conditions like obstructive sleep apnea. It involves removing a significant amount of adenoid tissue while leaving part of the tonsils intact. While that may sound intimidating, recovering from this surgery takes less time and is far less painful than traditional tonsillectomy recovery.

Help your child live the happiest, healthiest life possible. Make an appointment at ENT and Allergy Specialists by calling one of the offices or using the online booking agent today.

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