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To battle asthma, you need a healthy immune system. If you want thorough testing from an asthma expert, visit ENT and Allergy Specialists in Bryn Mawr, Pottstown, Phoenixville, or East Norriton, Pennsylvania. With an asthma and immunology evaluation, your physician can determine exactly what’s triggering your symptoms and the best way to regain strong respiratory health. Click to book a consultation or call the office today.

Asthma & Immunology Evaluation Q & A

What is an Asthma and Immunology Evaluation?

You know what asthma feels like, but you don’t know what’s causing it. That’s where the asthma and immunology evaluation can help. During this appointment or series of visits, your physician uses a variety of diagnostic procedures to determine:

  • What’s causing your asthma
  • How your immune system is reacting to allergens
  • How your health history or co-existing conditions are affecting your respiratory health


The purpose of an asthma and immunology evaluation is to understand your unique physiology, so your physician can create a treatment plan that gives you relief and long-term health.

What Tests are Needed?

Several different tests are helpful when it comes to diagnosing asthma and evaluating your immune health.

Your doctor starts with a full physical exam, where they pay special attention to your ears, nose, eyes, and throat. They also evaluate your health history and ask you questions about your symptoms.

Some of the other tests your physician may recommend are:

  • Lung Function: This is a test that measures your breathing after you take a medicine called a bronchodilator, which allows the lung airways to open. If your breathing improves after taking this medication, this is often a sign of asthma.
  • Chest or Sinus X-Ray: These tests can show if you have inflammation or abnormalities that are causing asthma symptoms.
  • Allergy Tests: To see how your immune system responds when exposed to known triggers, your physician might also perform allergy testing.


What Happens After My Asthma and Immunology Evaluation?

The ENT and Allergy Specialists team is skilled at helping you get quick results from your tests. In many cases, your physician can recommend a treatment plan before you leave your first appointment.

Each patient has different needs, but managing asthma might include taking inhaled or oral medications. If your immune system needs support, the practice also offers allergy immunotherapy.

If your asthma gets worse with physical activity or under certain conditions, your physician can help you understand your triggers and create a plan for coping with them.

To learn more or request asthma and immunology evaluations, book your consultation online or call the office to schedule.  

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