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Preventing Peanut Allergy

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When to introduce peanuts to infants

Infants and Peanut Allergies

We now have new landmark research studies, the LEAP and LEAP-ON trials, that show us how to prevent peanut allergy in infants at risk for developing the allergy. For high risk infants, such as those with eczema, egg allergy, or a family history of food allergy, we can perform a quick and safe test to find out how likely they are to react to peanuts. We will then guide you through the process of introducing it safely so that they do not risk developing an allergy in the future.

Infants and Food Allergies

What if your infant is not at a high risk of developing food allergies? Well, we do not yet have enough research to tell us definitively how to prevent food allergies in the general population, but epidemiological studies suggest that early and consistent introduction to foods is protective. A good principle to follow is to expose your infants to a healthy and varied diet that may include peanut and tree nut products. Of course, you never want to feed infants whole nuts that are a choking risk, but peanut puffs, or nut butters mixed into purees are a good place to start. Also, remember that in addition to avoiding foods that are choking hazards, you should never feed infants under the age of 1 honey due to their immature gut and risk of botulism.

If you have an infant at high risk of developing a food allergy, or if you are not sure, or just nervous, let us help guide you through the process! Make an appointment with one of our allergists today.


Click here to read more about the landmark research studies, LEAP and LEAP-ON.


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