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Chronic Sinusitis: Antibiotics is often not enough!

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Allergy Sufferer

Allergies are the most common cause of recurring sinus infections, even if you don’t think you have allergies. Chronic allergic rhinitis occurs in up to 30% of the population and is closely linked to sinusitis and occurs in 50-60% of patients with chronic sinusitis.

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At ENT and Allergy Specialists we have a unique understanding of the link between sinus infections and allergies. Most ENT practices can’t provide complete treatment for allergies and most allergy practices can’t provide complete treatment for sinusitis. We improve your odds of success by treating both conditions. In fact, most of our patients can avoid surgery. And for those who fail medical therapy, we can utilize the latest minimally invasive therapies including balloon sinus procedures.


Allergy Immunotherapy, both injection (SCIT) and sublingual drops (SLIT) are proven to be safe and effective in treating long term allergy symptoms.  Studies have shown that immunotherapy is effective in controlling chronic sinus symptoms as well and may reduce chronic and recurrent sinus infections.

For relief from allergies, a sinus infection, or to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians, call 610-415-1100 or click here. Same day appointments are available.





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