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Are You Having Your Worst Allergy Season Ever?

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Every year, patients tell us it is their worst allergy season ever. The truth is, with the seasons becoming longer and higher levels of carbon dioxide increasing pollen counts, many people are experiencing their worst season ever…every single year. While that thought is discouraging, we can help.

There are things you can do to manage your allergies at home:

  • changing your clothes after you come inside
  • using sinus rinses after coming inside
  • keeping windows closed
  • using allergen masks when doing yard work

You can also use over-the-counter anti-histamines and steroid nasal sprays. But, sometimes that is not enough.                  Do NOT suffer through your allergies.

How can we help?

We can test you to find out what you are allergic to, prescribe medications that may be more effective than the over-the-counter medications, and plan to make the next season better by starting allergen immunotherapy which naturally changes your body’s response to allergies. Come see us today so that we can help you get through this season and make the next better!

Individuals who are NOT FULLY VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19 MUST call the office to schedule an appointment 610.495.1100

FULLY VACCINATED individuals may schedule an appointment here.

We are not scheduling COVID-19 Vaccine appointments.