At Home Sleep Apnea Test

The doctors at ENT and Allergy Specialists are excited to offer home sleep studies for patients who believe they may be suffering from sleep apnea. Unlike a traditional sleep study, this approach provides more flexibility than taking a test in a lab and allows for a personalized experience, such as the ability to sleep at home and to adhere to a normal routine.

What is a Home Sleep Study?

Dr. Laurence Cramer explains that a home sleep study is designed to be a convenient method of monitoring sleep and collecting information to assist in making a diagnosis. For patients who are suffering from, or may be suffering from a sleep disorder, a home sleep study is an option that should be discussed with a board-certified physician. During a home sleep study, the patient should not deviate from their normal daily routine; however, it is recommended that the patient refrains from consuming caffeine after lunch, and naps should also be avoided. You should not have a home sleep study if you have certain medical conditions including pulmonary diseases, neuromuscular diseases or congestive heart failure.

How does an At Home Sleep Study work?

A home sleep study is easy to use and is noted for its accessibility. The kit may be picked up from your physician, or it may come via mail. Upon receiving the kit, the patient should follow the instructions included, along with any specific recommendations from the physician, when preparing for use. When it comes time to go to sleep, the study typically involves attaching sensors to the patient’s body in order to monitor specific signals. These sensors are lightweight, and won’t interfere with normal sleep. In the morning, the sensors are disconnected in accordance with the instructions, and then the kit is returned either via mail or in person to the physician.

If you are or believe that you may be suffering from sleep apnea, a home sleep study is an option that may be worth discussing with your physician.  The doctors at ENT and Allergy Specialists are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Home Sleep study results data is analyzed by Sleep Medicine Doctors from PMA Medical Specialists.

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