Breakthrough Technique to Treat Chronic Runny or Stuffy Nose

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Do you suffer from frequent runny nose, congestion and post nasal drip? If so, you may have a condition called chronic rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal tissues) and you are not alone. More than 24 million Americans suffer from chronic rhinitis and its frustrating symptoms:

Patients have historically managed chronic rhinitis symptoms with treatments such as nasal sprays, drops and pills; all of which merely manage the symptoms and often produce unwanted side-effects.

ENT and Allergy Specialists, Philadelphia’s premier Ear, Nose and Throat practice now offers ClariFix®, a unique treatment solution that delivers lasting relief for adults suffering with chronic rhinitis. This non-invasive procedure treats the underlying condition and helps patients to improve their quality of life. 

How does ClariFix® Cryotherapy treat Chronic Rhinitis?

Chronic rhinitis can be caused by out of balance nasal nerves sending too many signals to the nose, telling it to drip, run and swell more than necessary. The nerves may be stimulated by allergens or irritants in the air, changes in weather, medications, certain foods, or chronic health conditions.

ClariFix®, utilizes a clinically proven and minimally invasive cold treatment therapy called ‘cryotherapy’ to get to the root of the problem: the inflamed nasal lining and underlying nerves. During the procedure, our Sinus Surgery Specialists use a topical anesthesia to numb the area, before guiding the handheld ClariFix® device endoscopically to the out of balance nerves in the back of the nose. The outpatient treatment, which takes approximately ??? minutes, uses a cryotherapy balloon to quickly freeze the out of balance nerves stopping the source of your symptoms for lasting relief.

In a clinical study, results demonstrated the following after patients were treated with ClariFix® cryotherapy

ClariFix® cryotherapy is a proven treatment option that can be performed in the office with minimal downtime. The most common side effects associated with ClariFix® cryotherapy are temporary increased congestion and transient pain or discomfort.


Are you ready to say good-bye to the tissue box? Schedule your appointment today!

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