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When to Introduce Peanuts to your Baby

FEEDING PEANUTS TO YOUR BABY IS IMPORTANT! Are you nervous about when to introduce peanut products to your baby? If so, you are NOT alone! It turns out that even though we know it is SO important to give peanut products to certain babies to help protect them against developing an allergy, many parents don't know where to start. We can help! If

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It’s cold outside, is it possible that I am experiencing allergies?

Yes! Tree pollen counts in our area have been moderate to high despite the snow on the ground and cold temperatures. Seasonal Allergy Symptoms If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you might have allergies: nasal congestion a runny nose sneezing itching watery/irritated eyes, Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between a common cold and allergies, but you

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Dry Heat and the Effect on Your Sinuses

There’s no doubt about it, the winter months can seem like they are never ending, especially with daylight savings time and the sometimes severe weather. Winter finds us indoors more than the summer months, exposing us to forced air heat (a leading heat-source in the United States), which can be particularly drying to our sinuses, our throats, our skin and

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Seasonal Fall Allergies

The leaves are turning and school is back in session; fall is certainly on its way. Through all of these events, we often overlook the fall allergies that come with the changing of the seasons. Whether you have been experiencing seasonal allergies for the first time or you’ve dealt with them before, the doctors at ENT and Allergy Specialists are

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Food Allergy Awareness at ENT and Allergy Specialists

Although some food allergies can be minor, others can be life threatening.  The incidence of food allergy in children has risen dramatically and this October we're helping to educate everyone by participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project. Stop by our office and pick up a sign to let families know that you are offering non-food treats this Halloween! Try offering 2

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